Red Dot Sight Familiarization
Red Dot Sight Familiarization
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2 Days

The goal or objective of this course is to familiarize the end user with the RDS optic and the use of hand-held and weapon-mounted lighting systems allowing the student to become more comfortable and confident in employing their weapon system in a lethal force encounter, focusing on the red dot optic as the main means of sighting the weapon for accuracy and in low light/ no light environments. Fundamentals will be stressed throughout the entirety of the course. 

Necessary Equipment:

Red Dot Sight handgun, duty rig with holster and magazine pouches, 3 handgun magazines (4 if using single stack .45 magazines), common patrol or tactical equipment, including vest (w/ plates, helmet), knee and elbow pads, suitable clothing for all weather conditions, handheld flashlight, wrap-around eye protection (clear lenses for low light operation), ear protection, gloves, snacks, water, sunblock, and insect repellent. 

There are currently no upcoming Red Dot Sight Familiarization courses available.