Basic SWAT Operator
Basic SWAT Operator
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5 Days

Course content includes:

Safety/ History and Purpose / Equipment Selection and Placement/ Legal Issues Tactical Planning / Intelligence Gathering Tactical Performance Handgun Skills Tactical Performance Carbine Skills Cover/ Concealment and Barricade Usage/ Team Building and Cooperation Team Movements and Formations/ Pairs & Group Fire and Maneuver (including Live Fire) Scouting/ Emergency Action and Arrest Team Placement and Procedure Team Travel and Movement with Basic Hand Signal incorporation Threshold, Covert, Deliberate and Dynamic Entry Techniques Use of Shields on Approach and During Entry Breaching Options/ Primary and Secondary Diversionary Device Deployment Qualification Officer Rescue Techniques with TCCC Medical Procedures Donning and Doffing of Respirator (Gas Mask) including Live Fire familiarization To introduce principle-based tactics and techniques that can be adapted to any situation, making the student more tactically aware and tactically sound in the performance of their duties.

Equipment Needed: 

Common tactical equipment, including vest with plates, helmet, knee pads, primary entry rifle or sub-machine gun (SMG) w/ light, rifle sling (mandatory), secondary weapon, Simunition rifle and pistol, tactical duty rig with holster and magazine pouch, 3 handgun magazines (4 if using single stack .45 magazines), 3 rifle magazines, suitable clothing for all weather conditions, handheld flashlight, wrap-around eye protection (clear lenses for low light operation), ear protection, fire retardant gloves, Simunition/UTM safety equipment, gas mask, chamber flags for each weapon system, door stops, glow sticks.

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