Tactical Energetic Entry Systems (TEES)
Tactical Energetic Entry Systems (TEES)
P.O. Box 469
Horn Lake, MS 38637

Tactical Energetic Entry Systems provides professional Tactical and Breaching training for military, law enforcement, and other government agencies.

Our breaching and tactical training facility is located just outside of Memphis, TN in Byhalia, MS. Our range has been custom designed to facilitate specialty mechanical, thermal, ballistic and explosive breaching training as well as close quarter battle drills.  Additionally, T.E.E.S. has satellite training facilities in Ennis, TX.

Our training procedures have been time tested and operationally proven in order to meet the needs of teams that operate in high risk environments.

With an emphasis on real-world tactical scenarios and a strong focus on safety, the tactical and breaching training courses taught by T.E.E.S. have proven to be unsurpassed in these fields.

Our tactical training instructors are current and former law enforcement and military personnel who have specialized in these skill sets for many years. Their current job descriptions allow them to remain on the cutting edge of Tactical and Breaching technology as it pertains to special operations.