Breaching Alternatives
Breaching Alternatives
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1 Days

This class is for Law Enforcement and Military Operators who want to develop or enhance their ability to utilize the most effective breaching techniques. This comprehensive class will teach officers and operators to identify the tools necessary when faced with many forced entry scenarios and how to use them safely and effectively. These skills are essential to any department or agency that needs to enhance the abilities of its personnel.

Students will be hands-on learning the most current and proven breaching techniques and how to deploy them in real-world situations. Students will engage in scenario-based training all while incorporating the breaching techniques.

Subjects Covered:

  • Deployment
  • Target Analysis
  • Ballistic Breaching
  • Manual Breaching
  • Thermal Breaching
  • Mechanical Breaching
  • Hydraulic Breaching
  • Vehicle pulls
  • Weapon selection and safety
  • Ammo selection
  • Tool selection and safety

Equipment Needed:

  • Duty weapons (Primary and Secondary)- No Live Ammunition will be allowed into the training area.
  • Duty rig/ belt/ chest carrier/ etc..
  • Breaching tools (optional but highly encouraged – pry tools, hydraulics, etc)
  • Breaching Shotgun (Optional Ballistic Breaching Demos preformed available if time allows)
  • Body armor (vest, helmet, etc.)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • MTOA will have breaching tools on hand for this class but recommends using your own tools. 


There are currently no upcoming Breaching Alternatives courses available.