Warriors Carry Shields

8 Hours – Warrior Carry Shields – Mike OTT

Operators will be trained to deploy the shields in an operation with great mobility, flexibility, and accuracy without risk of malfunctions to the weapon system. Operators will learn to adjust and deploy the shield in any environment and defeat threats without hesitation and with conviction. Operators will learn how to fix malfunctions with both hands and fight in an offensive mode with both weapon systems (RIFLE and SIDEARM) incorporating Standing, Kneeling, Prone, Movement drills, Multiple Target drills, Vehicle Assault, Rescues, and Team Movement drills.


  • Pistol: Minimum of 3 Magazines
  • Submachine/Rifle: Minimum of 3 Magazines
  • Ammunition: 500 Rounds for Pistol and 500 Rounds for Submachine Gun or Rifle
  • Wrap-Around Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Hat,
  • Sunscreen, Water
  • Appropriate Clothing for the Climate

***All Weapons Must be CLEANED AND WELL LUBED***

***Please Train in Your Appropriate Gear***



Mike held 18 years of service with Lakewood CO Police Department (SWAT, Master Firearms Instructor, K-9 Handler, and Lead Physical Fitness Instructor) and an additional 7 years with First Choice Armor / Diamondback Tactical as Vice President in Training Division. Presently, Mike is with Point Blank Enterprise (Hard Armor Unit). (www.pointblankenterprises.com)