Vehicle CQB

16 Hours – Vehicle Close Quarters Battle – Brian WILSON

*For 2019 we are extending this course to two days, allowing students to go much deeper into the course work.*

Vehicle CQB is an advanced shooting class focused on positional shooting and a critical look at how we have historically fought in and around vehicles. Students will push the boundaries of “traditional” cover and concealment utilizing various vehicles in a true 3D environment. Drills will incorporate critical weapon employment while engaging threats in, around, from, over and under vehicles with a heavy emphasis on problem-solving. Live ballistic demos with a variety of ammunition will be conducted as the class explores ballistic deflection, deformation, penetration and terminal effect in direct correlation to various vehicle mediums. 


◾ Eye Protection

◾ Gloves

◾ Hearing Protection

◾ Tactical Gear

◾ Primary and secondary weapons

◾ 600 rounds for rifle

◾ 400 rounds for pistol


Brian Wilson is an urban area Police Officer with a background in competitive shooting and experience as a SWAT Operator and Sniper.  His experience includes various firearms and tactics instructor positions within law enforcement and the private sector.

Brian has been certified by the creator of Vehicle CQB, Will Petty of Centrifuge Training LLC, to instruct this eye-opening program.