Urban Considerations for the Police Snipers

8 Hours – Urban Considerations for the Police Snipers – Pete Segreti (23rd ONLY)

This class will discuss expedient urban hides and the sniper will be tasked with creating a quick hide. The sniper will shoot in unconventional positions. The snipers will be pushed to their individual limits at an assortment of ranges and positions.   Partner assisted shooting positions will be discussed and practiced. We will discuss the variety of factors that may affect ballistic outcomes.   Movement to position and gear management exercises will be conducted. The sniper will perform a variety of range drills that will improve his or her ability to perform. 200 rds of match ammo    


  • Sniper rifle; zeroed
  • 200 nrds of Match ammo
  • Standard deployment uniform and gear
  • Eye and Ear pro


28 years of law enforcement experience with The New York City Police Department. This includes 12 years of experience conducting Sniper operations for The Emergency Service Unit.  Pete was a primary instructor for the Emergency Service Unit as well as a Sniper team instructor. Pete has conducted numerous sniper deployments and assignments covering the Pope, United States Presidents as well as numerous foreign dignitaries and world leaders. He is a NYSDCJS Certified Firearms and General Topics instructor and holds many other certifications. He has participated in the creation of the New York State SWAT and SNIPER Training standards. Pete was also assigned to the FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force and conducted operations in the NY field office.  Pete has trained numerous police and military units from around the United States.