Tactical Vision

8 Hours - Tactical Vision – Derrick Bartlett (23rd May ONLY)

You are not the trained observer you think you are.

Our Tactical Vision course has the following learning objectives:

  • Make officers aware of the scope of the problem of Perceptual Blindness, and how it affects their performance and safety.
  • Teach officers the mechanics of vision.
  • Introduce officers to the various components of Perceptual Blindness.
  • Teach officers how to recognize the limitations of their vision, and give them the training tools to overcome the problem.
  • Teach officers how to integrate their new visual skills into daily activities like investigations, handling service calls and driving, both routine and pursuit.

Tactical Vision is an 8-hour class that will actually show police officers how to become “trained observers.”  To supplement the classroom instruction, officers will receive a proprietary CD, containing over 50 training exercises, which they can do at their leisure, to develop and maintain their observation skills.

The Tactical Vision program was originally designed for special operations personnel, but is highly recommended for all police officers.


  • Note taking material


Derrick Bartlett is a twenty-eight year veteran of law enforcement. In Illinois, he spent eight years on SWAT, both as an entry operator and sniper. As a member of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, he served as a SWAT/Sniper for over sixteen years, and was responsible for sniper team training. Over twenty years in special operations have provided him with unique opportunities to travel, work and train with a number of elite tactical units and renowned instructors.

Derrick is a state-certified instructor in firearms and SWAT related fields. As Director of Snipercraft, Inc. (www.snipercraft.org ), he has provided instruction for snipers and supervisors for nearly one thousand law enforcement agencies, throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to numerous magazine articles, he is the author of the books, Snipercraft: The Art of the Police Sniper; Riding the Recoil and; Staring at the Crosshairs, and is a contributing author to the training manual, Police Sniper Training, and Operations. He is also the President of the American Sniper Association (www.americansniper.org) and serves on the advisory boards of several other tactical organizations. He is the editor of SNIPER, which is Snipercraft’s quarterly newsletter and has written articles for all 89 issues to date. He is an original member of the Editorial Review Board of Tactical Response Magazine.

Derrick provides instruction to snipers and sniper team leaders throughout the country through Snipercraft. He is also recognized as a subject matter expert in police sniper tactics and operations. He does presentations and lectures at tactical conferences and training seminars nationwide.

Derrick is the creator and primary instructor of Tactical Vision, an observation skills course for police officers and tactical personnel. This program is the next progressive step in officer safety training.