Tactical Team Leader Development

8 Hours – Tactical Team Leader Development – M.L. Sandy WALL (24th May ONLY)

This course will review and critique several real-world operations and identify problems and solutions that might have prevented injuries and/or the loss of life. It will highlight the lack of leadership and/or decision making in critical moments that lead a Tactical Team to tragedy.

This course will identify the characteristics and the talents necessary to develop into a Tactical Team Leader. We will go through the step by step process of selection, development, and decision-making skills that can help you make the right decision when lives hang in the balance.

This course will include tabletop exercise and interaction with students in the planning of a variety of situations, including Hostage taking, High-Risk Warrants, Barricades, and Narcotic buy/bust.



  • Note taking equipment


M.L. “Sandy” Wall is a retired Master Peace Officer and a 28-year veteran of the Houston Police Department.   He has worked in Patrol, Narcotics, and has served 22 years on the HPD SWAT Detail. He has served as an Entry Team Leader for more than 10 years.

He is now the Training Director for Safariland (www.safariland.com) Training Group. He is also the founder of Less Lethal Solutions, Inc. and the inventor of “TheWallBanger”.

He co-authored the book, “Training the SWAT Trainer”. (Thomas publishing)

He has been recognized in the U.S. Federal Courts as a subject matter expert in Less Lethal Munitions and Tactics. He is on the Advisory Board of the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association and Tactical Response Magazine. He has instructed for the FBI, TTPOA, MSTOA, CATO, NTOA, LTPOA, ATOA, Florida SWAT Association, CATI, ALERRT and the US State Department.

Accomplishments include:

 Four Police Chief’s Commendations for his actions

 1992 Houston Police “Officer of the Year’ award.

 He was the 1999 winner of the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association state-wide “Super SWAT” competition.

 Holds the Houston Police Department’s highest rating of “Distinguished Expert” in firearms qualification.

 Recipient of the TTPOA “Excellence” and “Life Time Achievement”

 Certified instructor in firearms, and Master Instructor in impact munitions, chemical agents, distraction devices as well as many other levels of force.

 Three-term past president of the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association

 Recipient of the 2006 National Association of Police Officers “Top Cop Award” for the State of Texas.