Tactical Patrol Officer Program

MTOA Tactical Patrol Officer Implementation Program

The MTOA’s Tactical Patrol Officers (TPO) program has been reviewed, formalized and is in the process of being implemented. The MTOA with permission from the ITOA has mirrored the ITOA’s model as a national standard for TPO programs. We are proud to join with the ITOA and offer this incredibly important program to the officers in the Great Lakes region.

The following guidelines have been established for departments that would like to participate in the MTOA’s Tactical Patrol Officer program.

Step #1 – Agency TPO Coordinator

Each agency shall select an agency TPO program coordinator who will be the MTOA’s POC and program coordinator for their respective agency. The agency TPO coordinator should be an officer/supervisor in the area of training that has the ability and authority to identify, certify, and recommend agency personnel for this distinguished designation of TPO. It is recommended that the agency TPO coordinator have a training background in tactics and firearms. The agency coordinator will be responsible for identifying and nominating the officers in their agencies who meet the TPO requirements.

Step #2 – Letter of Intent

Each agency must send a letter, (e-mail), of intent to the MTOA President stating that our agency would like to participate in the TPO training initiative and recognition program. This letter must also identify the agencies TPO coordinator, his/her name, rank, and position within the agency, telephone number and agency e-mail. All further correspondence will be through the agencies TPO coordinator. The letter must be signed by the agency head, (Chief, Director, Sheriff, etc.).

Step #3 – TPO Identification & Nomination

Each agency TPO coordinator can then identify the officers in their agencies that meet the Basic TPO training requirements. Tactical Patrol Officer designation will be granted to officers who have completed all of the following training:

1. Rapid Deployment Course - Operator level (minimum 2-day course)

2. MACTAC –Advanced Rapid Deployment Course - Operator level (minimum 1-day course)

3. Tactical Rifle Operators Course – (minimum 2-day course)

4. Self-Aid/Buddy-Aid - Operator level course (minimum 2-hour course)

5. Combat Pistol Operator course – (minimum 1-day course)

Step #4 – Nomination Letter

A letter, (e-mail), from the agencies TPO coordinator to the MTOA certifying that the officers they are nominating have completed the required training. The following information must be provided for each nominated officer:

1. Name & Rank (as they want it to appear on the certificate)

2. Training dates(s) for each of the 5 required training courses

3. Pin color selection (black, silver, or gold)

4. $30.00 per officer (covers certificate/MTOA membership/pin/postage)

Upon receipt of a list of certified officers, the MTOA will issue a certificate and uniform pin for each certified officer. To support and encourage the improvement and enhancement of Tactical Patrol Officers capabilities, the following enhanced certifications and pins are also available:

• Senior Tactical Patrol Officer –

• Requirements

1. Certified Tactical Patrol Officer

2. Rapid Deployment Instructor – 5-day course

3. Tactical Rifle Instructor – 5-day course

4. Patrol Tactics Instructor – 2-day course

5. Combat Pistol Instructor – 5-day course

>> Award: Certificate & TPO pin w/star

• Master Tactical Patrol Officer –

• Requirements

1. Be a certified Senior Tactical Patrol Officer

2. MACTAC, Advanced Rapid Deployment Instructors Course – 3-day course

3. Self-Aid/Buddy-Aid Instructor – 1-day course

>> Award: Certificate & TPO Pin with star & wreath

Acceptable Training Courses & Equivalents:

1. Any MCOLES/NTOA/State Tactical Association certified and/or endorsed course

2. Any individual agency course taught by state certified instructors that contains the same course curriculum, performance standards & objectives.

First Responders must focus their efforts on saving as many lives as possible as quickly as possible. This will be accomplished by locating, closing with, isolating and eliminating those perpetrating these violent acts. Rescuing and protecting innocent civilians must be accomplished quickly. Limiting the scope of the problem by a swift, organized response must be the goal.

Tactical Patrol Officers (TPO) should be the primary, mutual aid first responders to any call for assistance involving violent, extraordinary criminal events, active shooter situation, or a multiple attack type event. Tactical Patrol Officers will provide a core group of highly skilled, highly trained Patrol Officers who can immediately deploy and help limit the scope of any on-going violent criminal event.

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