Tactical Combat Casualty Care – Romulus – Saturday May 14, 2016

NAEMT approved Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Provider for medical personnel (MFR, buy viagra EMT, cialis usa Paramedic, Nurse or Doctor) course


Rapid Response EMS
29045 Airport Drive Building 19
Romulus, Michigan 48174

TCCC Provider course schedule is:

  • May 14th Saturday 07:30 registration.
    Class starts a 08:00 sharp and runs till 18:00.

  • May 15th Sunday 8:00 sharp and runs until approximately 15:00
    (or until completion).

Note: We will utilize short working lunches for each day. 

**Upon receipt of payment you will be e mailed the pre course materials/information.**

TCCC tuition is $300.00 per person. It does not include 8th ed Military PHTLS manual (obtain the manual as you see fit). Registration only places you on the class list. Pre payment is required to officially hold your slot. Check or money order only. Yes, we are old fashioned. It is highly recommended that you send payment via registered or tracked mail. We are not responsible for lost mail. Sorry, no credit card payments or PayPal accepted.

 Contact Rick Holland for other billing or payment arrangements. 

Tuition payments are to be made out to and sent to:

The National Academy of Tactical Medical Response (NATMR)
3075 Shattuck Rd. STE 813
Saginaw, MI 48603

Cancellations and payments must be received by April 29th, 2016,
2 weeks prior to the course date.

 If necessary use your favorite internet search process to determine course location and lodging.  If you have any questions please feel free to either e mail or call Rick Holland the TCCC Course Coordinator and TCCC Michigan Affiliate Faculty at 989-751-8330

You must complete the NAEMT's online course registration process ASAP.

Use the link below to access the NAEMT registration system. 


Go to Line 2 and click on "Sign up for a course"

That will take you to the "Sign up for a course" page, click the box.

Enter TC-16-3013-03 in the course number box. Click "Confirm course"

The course date will appear in red. Click "Sign up for course"

Fill out all information requested, including your state license number and expiration date.

Click "submit"

 Your information will then show on our course roster.

Please note the additional (optional) training AND tactical medical equipment opportunities available below:

Bleeding Control for the Injured (B-CON) instructional development qualification and certification. 

 During certain portions of the TCCC course and for a short period afterwards (Sunday afternoon) we will be covering the B-CON material and how to teach it. Completing this training  will officially qualify you to teach the B-CON course. Cost for this training and certification is an additional $100.00.  Refer to the information below about the B-CON course if interested.

 This additional certification is "completely optional". It is not required unless you want to be able to teach the B-CON course.  

The Bleeding Control for the Injured (B-Con) course was developed by NAEMT's PHTLS Committee with leadership provided by Dr. Peter Pons and Dr. Norman McSwain.

 The course was developed in response to efforts by the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services to increase collaboration between law enforcement, the fire service and EMS in responding to active shooter/IED/mass casualty events. B-Con is consistent with the recommendations of the Hartford Consensus on Improving Survival from Active Shooter Events. The Hartford Consensus recommends that an integrated active shooter response should include the critical actions contained in the acronym THREAT:

  1. Threat 
  2. Hemorrhage control 
  3. Rapid Extrication to safety
  4. Assessment by medical providers
  5. Transport to definitive care

The Hartford Consensus Group recommends that the response to a traumatic incident, whether involving an active shooter or some other cause of injury, in fact begins with bystander response. It is with this in mind that the B-Con course was developed and is now being offered. This new 2 ½ hour course teaches participants the basic life-saving medical interventions, including bleeding control with a tourniquet, bleeding control with gauze packs or topical hemostatic agents, and opening an airway to allow a casualty to breathe. The course is designed for NON tactical law enforcement officers, firefighters, security personnel, teachers and other civilians requiring this basic training. Course materials include a PowerPoint presentation and instructor notes, instructor’s guide, and skill station guide. 

 A separate, additional PowerPoint module is included in the course materials specifically for law enforcement participants.  This module provides an orientation to the content of the Hartford Consensus and the changing approach to active shooter and other complex and hazardous responses. 

 At the completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the rationale for early use of a tourniquet for life-threatening extremity bleeding.
  • Demonstrate the appropriate application of a tourniquet to the arm and leg.
  • Describe the progressive strategy for controlling hemorrhage.
  • Describe appropriate airway control techniques and devices.
  • Demonstrate the correct application of a topical hemostatic dressing (combat gauze).

Who can teach the B-Con course: According to the NAEMT Education Manager and NAEMT website.

  1. all NAEMT PHTLS or TCCC instructors.
  2. all other NAEMT instructors who have successfully completed the B-Con course
  3. all military approved TCCC instructors.
  4. an EMR, EMT, or Paramedic who has successfully completed the B-Con course.
  5. an ATLS or ATCN instructor or provider who has successfully completed the BCon course.

Special tactical medical Equipment offer only available for the December TCCC course.

 This is a new year special offer for students attending the TCCC training. We are offering well over $100 worth of tactical medical supplies for the reduced cost of $80.00.  This offer is completely optional. But you must purchase the supplies at the course as this will also save you the shipping cost. 

 The tactical medical "equipment bundle" includes an APLS tactical litter, a variety of tactical dressings and bandages, hemostatic agent, tactical tourniquet, PPE and additional wound care gear. Note that items may vary somewhat but are all comparable. Please pre order by e mailing Rick and we will have it for you at the TCCC course. If you like the items, buy it. If not, you don't have to. We think for what you get, it is well worth the price. Cash or check. Sorry, no credit cards.

 If you have any questions please contact Rick Holland at tacmedtccc@gmail.com or at 989-751-8330.