Subject Control

8 Hours – Subject Control – Amir KHILLAH – 22nd ONLY

Centurion Defense Tactics takes your Use of Force tactics to the next level. A course focused on preparing Officers to "Recognize and Defend" against hostile and combative subjects. Training areas hone in on active aggression and deadly force assault against the police. These techniques train Officers to recognize pre-attack indicators and will teach you how to respond effectively and defeat assailants armed with edged weapons, firearms, or while engaged in a ground fight and close quarter combat. This course will arm you to be more prepared for physical confrontation and deadly force assaults. 


  • Mouth guard 
  • Duty Belt
  • Red Gun
  • Vest 
  • Class B uniform or PT clothing 


Amir Khillah is a retired professional fighter, holds a Master’s degree in Human Performance, a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology/kinesiology, a Police Academy Subject Control Instructor, a full time police officer, and the founder of Centurion Moderns Subject Control. (