State Associations

Arizona Tactical Officers Association
Our Arizona Brothers.

Texas Tactical Police Officers Association
In the early 1980ís a group of Texas police officers who were assigned to SWAT units saw an obstacle in the path of their careers. This obstacle was a lack of training, and a lack of standards for tactical officers, tactical teams, and the operations they conduct. These officers recognized a need for a state association to exchange information, to create standards of training, and equally as important, to create and provide affordable training resources for tactical officers and teams.

Illinois Tactical Officers Association
Our purpose is to promote and encourage educational activities and/or research related to the law enforcement field. Provide an opportunity for tactical officers to gather together to compare ideas and experiences. Through education and networking, high-risk operations requiring a tactical team would be made safer.

National Tactical Officers Association
In response to the increasingly violent challenges facing law enforcement, the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) was created in 1983 to promote the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) required to deal with these growing threats to a safe and sane society. Today, the NTOA is the leading non-profit association dedicated to the advancement of the Special Weapons and Tactics profession throughout the world.

Kansas City Metropolitan Tactical Officers Association
The Kansas City Metropolitan Tactical Officers Association welcomes you to their home on the World Wide Web. The purpose of this website is to provide MTOA members an additional communication and resource tool to be kept up to date on MTOA news and business.

Virginia Tactical Police Association
The associations mission is to provide relevant, cost effective training and to serve as a resource for tactical and technical information that will benefit its members. V-TAC is fortunate to have a cadre of credible instructors who are available to provide instruction on a variety of topics to include: Close Quarter Control Tactics, Chemical/Less Lethal Munitions, CQB Weapons Training, Ballistic Shield Deployment, High Risk Warrant Service, High Risk Patrol Tactics, and Tactical Management.

Ohio Tactical Officers Association
The OHIO TACTICAL OFFICERS ASSOCIATION has been established to advance the education and professionalism of the law enforcement officers involved in special operations functions through the transfer of ideas and information sharing related to tactics, techniques, and to further improve the networking of departments and personnel involved in critical incident/high risk operations.

Rocky Mountain Tactical Team Association
The Rocky Mountain Tactical Team Association is dedicated to fostering cooperation between tactical teams and for the sharing of knowledge of new product ideas and innovative training. The association provides updated schedules and information for on-going law enforcement training for teams, commanders, negotiators, emergency medical personnel, and individual operators.

International Tactical EMS Association
The International Tactical EMS Association, in cooperation with other law enforcement and emergency medical associations, will establish and maintain an organized network of tactical officers, tactical medical providers, law enforcement agencies and other interested parties within the Special Weapons and Tactics community.

The Ontario Tactical Advisory Body
The Ontario Tactical Advisory Body (OTAB) was in the January, 1983. These members formed the Ontario Tactical Advisory Body with a Chairman, Vice Chairman and two Committees: Training and Equipment. OTAB's initial mandate was to develop a forum for communication for all Ontario Tactical Units, and to develop a means by which these units could train members to an established standard. Its current mandate is to:
1. Coordinate and provide credible and cost-effective tactical training; and
2. Provide a communication forum for all Tactical Unit members throughout Ontario.

Indiana SWAT Officer's Association
The Indiana SWAT Officer's Association, Inc. and it's by-laws were approved and certified as a "Non-profit Domestic Corporation" on July 15, 2003 by the Indiana Secretary of State.

On July 17, 2003, the ISOA received it's Federal Tax Identification Number, 57-1177923, which allows it to operate as a non-profit organization.