Sniper Skills & Drills

8 Hours – Sniper Skills and Drills – Pete SEGRETI (22nd ONLY)

This course will run the Police Marksman through a series of critical skills and drills that will task the Sniper to provide critical shots during a variety of circumstances.

This class briefly covers the fundamentals of marksmanship and will focus on the many skills required to deliver accurate shots at identified targets. Sniper/observers are the eyes and ears of command and drills will be conducted to foster communication / Intel delivery. The course will also consist of instruction on malfunctions, communications, shot placement (anatomy) etc.  There will be a series of live fire drills covering the topics discussed. Students will deploy at various distances utilizing hold over and dialed scope adjustments. Students will carry out special ammunition switch outs and reloads under a time constraint. Students will perform simultaneous exercises for hostage rescue. This is a challenging class with numerous drills and simulated tactical scenarios that will task the student to make critical shots under a variety of situations. This course is intended for the operational police sniper or instructor.


  • Sniper rifle; zeroed
  • 200 nrds of Match ammo
  • Standard deployment uniform and gear
  • Eye and Ear pro


28 years of law enforcement experience with The New York City Police Department. This includes 12 years of experience conducting Sniper operations for The Emergency Service Unit.  Pete was a primary instructor for the Emergency Service Unit as well as a Sniper team instructor. Pete has conducted numerous sniper deployments and assignments covering the Pope, United States Presidents as well as numerous foreign dignitaries and world leaders. He is a NYSDCJS Certified Firearms and General Topics instructor and holds many other certifications. He has participated in the creation of the New York State SWAT and SNIPER Training standards. Pete was also assigned to the FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force and conducted operations in the NY field office.  Pete has trained numerous police and military units from around the United States.