Rifle Marksmanship for Awesomeness

8 Hours - Rifle Marksmanship for Officers who want to be prepared for Awesomness!!!– Dave BORRESEN

The intended audience for this course are shooters with prior knowledge of the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship and strong weapons handling skills.  Although students will be taught the proper fundamentals, this course will quickly progress towards adding stressors to test and evaluate one’s speed and accuracy in an attempt to prepare one for a firearms engagement.  Once students have a grasp of shooting stagnant, shooting on the move and under an elevated heartrate, students will compete against themselves as well as classmates pushing each other in a safe and competitive environment.  This course will be competitive, physical and students will learn not only how to shoot under different stressors but also how to take these lessons learned and apply them to life, their own training and that of their team or agency.  This course is for someone that wants to train hard and add an athletic approach to their training.


Flat range, lecture, and discussion, physically demanding courses of fire (be prepared to shoot a full day adding kit along the way)


Firm grasp of the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship, an open mind, good attitude, “thick skin”, willingness to have fun and encourage others to be competitive


  • Rifle
  • Pistol with 3-4 magazines and mag holders
  • 500 rounds of rifle and pistol ammunition
  • eye protection, ear protection
  • kit and helmet you work in
  • gloves
  • Recommended: Hat, weather appropriate clothing, drinks, back up parts for weapons, oil/weapons lube, cleaning kit


David is a former military service member who shifted his efforts to Law Enforcement in 2000 where he spent years as a full time SWAT Officer before becoming an Undercover Agent working on the clandestine and surveillance side of the tactical spectrum.  David further spent several years working in support of the US Government with multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan as recent as 2014 keeping his skills sharp.

David has taught thousands of Military Service members and Law Enforcement Professionals since 2010 and continues to find passion on the range with students.  Since leading a team of instructors at one of America’s top tier training companies taking what he learned and later implemented in his own training and that of his courses.  David teaches for himself and for other Government Contracting Companies when time permits.  

David has returned to Law Enforcement where he leans a special group whose role is surveillance and tactical operations. 

David graduated from the Campbell University with a B.S. in Social Science with concentration in Criminal Justice. David is currently a sworn Law Enforcement Officer in North Carolina and an avid shooting competitor.