Principles of Executive Protection

16 Hours- Principles of Executive Protection- Witt Executive Security- Steve Wittebort

This course is designed to cover the fundamental skills and procedures required to provide personal protection to executives in the corporate setting, members of private families, celebrities or other prominent individuals in need of professional protection services. The two-day program is intended for the full range of student interest, from entry-level to seasoned practitioners. It can serve as detailed introduction to the executive protection profession, as well as an intensive refresher course for veteran executive protection personnel.

Day one will focus on the Goals and Explanations regarding the different Disciplines of Executive Protection.

  • Understanding Team Assignments.
  • Close Protection Operations and Planning Overview.
  • Bodyguard Immediate Action.
  • After Action Report’s.
  • Formations and Walking drills.
  • Advance and Rear Surveillance.
  • Doorways and Move Through drills.

Day 2 will focus on Advance Work and Site Surveys.

  • Fence line and Stages.
  • Collapses and Bounding.
  • Vehicle Inbus/ Debus.
  • Motorcade Operations.
  • Vehicle Inspections and Set Up.
  • Attack and Extraction.
  • Incorporation of Live Fire Range Drills and full case scenarios.


Student requirements to follow.


Steve began his career with the Pontiac Police Department in 1996. He worked as a patrol officer for approximately five years before being promoted to Detective, where he also began his service as a member of the police department Special Response Team. During his 12 years of service with the Special Response Team, Steve trained in Advance Tactics, including Advanced Hostage Rescue and was designated the Lead Operator to all Close/Executive Protection details assigned to the department.

Steve has worked in the executive protection field for over 15 years in a variety of details; focusing primarily in the corporate sector (C level executives).

Steve received his training at the Executive Protection Institute in Berryville, Virginia. He is certified as a personal protection specialist. He has continued his training in the advanced executive protection (EPI) with the Cript Academy in Dover, Tennessee.

Currently Steve owns and operates Witt Executive Security, Inc. His company specializes in executive protection and surveillance. He’s worked on numerous protection details, ranging from 16 person to solo practitioner. Steve is highly trained in surveillance and counter surveillance.