Off Duty & Concealed Carry & Defensive Shooting

8 Hours – Off Duty & Concealed Carry and Defensive Shooting – Rob PINCUS

Most officers will spend at least as much time carrying on or off duty in plain clothes during their careers than they all carrying in duty gear... yet our firearms training sometimes completely ignores carrying in that condition. While it is certainly true that you are far more likely to need your defensive shooting skills on duty than you are off, that doesn't justify ignoring learning and practicing from concealment with your off-duty firearm.

Rob Pincus has been teaching defensive shooting skills full time for over 15 years to armed professionals in and out of uniform around the world as well as those interested in personal defense through concealed carry of a defensive handgun. This 8hr course will cover fundamental and advanced concepts related to the defensive use of firearms off-duty in the defense of yourself or others in close quarters.


  • 400 to 500 pistol ammunition
  • Compact or Sub-Compact Pistol or Samll Framed Revolver
  • Modern Concealable holster that allows one handed re-holstering
  • Outwear or over-shirt as option to simulate cooler climate conditions


Rob Pincus is a professional trainer, author and consultant. He and his staff at I.C.E. Training Company ( provide services to military, law enforcement, private security and students interested in self-defense. Rob is the Developer of the Combat Focus® Shooting program, the most efficient defensive firearms training methodology available today.

Rob provides efficient training methodologies to those interested in developing firearms, tactical operations and defensive skills. These methods stress gaining maximum value from limited training resources and working well with what the body does naturally under real world conditions.

Rob has experience as a law enforcement officer and executive protection agent and was also commissioned as an officer in the United States Army Reseves after graduating from the Military College of Vermont with a degree in Political Science. Rob serves the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office as a Training Officer and has been a staff writer with S.W.A.T. Magazine since 2001.

From 2003 through 2007, Rob was the Director of The Valhalla Training Center in Montrose, Colorado. Rob developed the training doctrines and programs that brought Valhalla to the attention of the entire shooting industry as a leading source of reality based firearms training. During this time, Valhalla was identified by the Rand Corporation as a leader in private sector reality based training and as a sole source provider to 10th Group Army Special Forces for Extreme Close Quarters Counter Ambush training. Rob was awarded the Range of the Year award by the National Association of Shooting Ranges for 2007.

In Late 2007, Rob launched I.C.E. Training Company and began traveling and teaching around the country and the world. Rob is one of the busiest instructors in the industry, conducting well over 50 courses a year in over 40 locations. He travels over 300 days a year, bringing cutting edge personal defense information to students ranging from military and law enforcement special operations personnel to those who are just considering their first defensive firearm. In 2005, Rob began production of the Personal Defense Firearms DVD Series which evolved to include the Personal Defense Network online resource for training information. To date, the DVD series has shipped over 4 Million copies and consists of over 75 titles. There is no other series of defensive training video series that even comes close to this level of distribution. In addition to his print, video and in-person teaching, Rob has been involved in the production of several TV shows including Personal Defense TV, Best

Defense, Stop The Threat, World News Tonight, The Daily Show, Best Defense: Survival, Weaponology, Trigger Time and dozens of local and regional news pieces covering training and firearms rights & responsibilities topics.”

Rob and his I.C.E. team are also regularly sought out as a Team Building and Leadership Development consultants by business leaders and multi-national corporations and conduct programs involving firearm familiarization and other unique experiences.

Recently, Rob has focused on program and instructor development. Instructors groups that have sought out Rob’s expertise and integrated components of his programs include the Chicago Police Department FTU, South Wales Police

Department Training Unit (UK), NSW SEAL Qualification Training, Bavarian Polizie (DE), Orange County (FL) Sheriff’s Office and 19th Group Army Special Forces. Rob also conducts an annual conference for certified Combat Focus Shooting Instructors and is one of the founders of the Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors.

Rob provides efficient training methodologies to those interested in developing firearms, tactical operations and defensive skills.