M4 Operator & Combat Pistol With Transitional Shooting

8 Hours – M4 Operator & Combat Pistols with Transitional Shooting – Jeff WILSON

Whether you are a Patrol Officer or a SWAT Operator, this course will sharpen your skills with the Carbines as well as the pistols. This course will cover shooting the M4 from CQB distances and out to extended ranges; along with moving and shooting skills enhancements. Emphasis will be made in transitional shooting with the handgun, a much needed skills that is often overlooked.  Malfunction clearing/team building scenarios will round out this all around gun-fighting class.


  • 300-400 rounds of Rifle ammo
  • 250 rounds of Pistol ammo
  • Call out gear/KIT (Not Required but Preferred)
  • Dress for the weather


Jeff Wilson started his career in 1992 in the small village of Shreve, Ohio. After 10 years he went on to multiple instructor schools throughout the US with his favorite being at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center where he obtained his Federal Instructor Certification. He has had the opportunity to work with local, state and federal SRT Teams as well as Executive Protection details around the country. Always being the quiet professional and a student of “the Game” he continues to put in over 150 hours a year of his own training to become as proficient as possible as an instructor while teaching around the country and donating his time to law enforcement agencies in multiple disciplines of weapon systems, surveillance/counter surveillance, Tactical Medicine, NVGs and FLIR, Active Shooter and more. He has multiple instructor certifications and continues to build on his CV every year.

Jeff is currently working as a Sworn Police Officer in Ohio and the owner of Instrument of Freedom Tactical Weapons Training Group. (www.ioftwtg.com