Low Light Concepts

16 Hours - Low Light Concepts – Robbie ALLMON  (2-day)

Low Light Search and Shoot Concepts - Upon completing our Low-Light Tactics Course, you will be instilled with the knowledge and tactics in the use of a flashlight in all situations ranging from administrative activities to vehicle stops and lethal force engagements. These tactics will increase your chances of surviving and prevailing a deadly force confrontation in diminished lighting conditions. Program Syllabus/ Curriculum will include: Principles of low-light tactics, How to choose and use the tactical flashlight, Entry techniques: Solo, pair, and 3-man, Using handheld flashlights in conjunction with firearms, and Entry techniques in reduced-light that will culminate into a Force on Force exercise.


  • 50 rounds of FX Simmunition or UTM Marking cartridges (UTM may be purchased through Instructor)
  • Converted pistol
  • Flashlight and spare batteries
  • If you have absolutely no resources, please contact MTOA’s Director of Training
  • Protective gear (Instructor will have some available for the course)
  • Duty gear
  • Writing material
  • Camelback or other means of hydration
  • Appropriate wear (BDU, agency t-shirt (long sleeve or short sleeve), boots, etc.)


Robbie Allmon is the Owner and Lead Instructor for P2 Concepts (www.p2-concepts.com) is a professional consultant and instructor providing training principles to those interested in developing firearms, personal protection, and tactical operations to name a few. These principles focus on obtaining the maximum outcome by creating consistency through proper training and understanding how the body functions under real-world high-stress situations thus developing a controlled combative mindset.

Rob’s professional experience consists of serving honorably in the United States Marine Corps, where he was instilled with strict Corps values; Honor, Courage, and Commitment. These values are still the foundation of his personal and professional character. In addition to his military career, Rob has served over 12 years as a Law Enforcement Officer and maintains an Advanced Peace Officer’s License in the State of Texas. While in Law Enforcement, Rob served as the Team Leader of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) unit, a member of a Special Operations and Response Team (SORT), Firearms Instructor, TCOLE Instructor, and Field Training Officer (FTO) among many others.

Rob left Law Enforcement full time to pursue other ventures where he worked stateside as well as overseas as a Security Specialist Contractor. While in this capacity he held many assignments ranging from Executive Protection to becoming the Team Lead of a Special Response team in Afghanistan. In addition to Rob’s specialized training, he has trained many personnel including Military, Law Enforcement, Private Security, and Private Citizens.

From 2013 through 2015 Rob was the Training Coordinator and Lead Instructor for a private training facility where he developed all of the training doctrines and programs. His clientele consists of Law Enforcement Officers, certifying them in developing a Force on Force/Reality-Based training program for their agencies along with many other Law Enforcement courses. Over the course of two years, Rob developed the core curriculum and trained over 1,000 private citizens in reality-based training courses including In Home Defense, Couples Tactics, Beyond the CHL, The Unconventional Citizen, Advanced Pistol Tactics, Tactical Shooting Techniques, and Shooting Fundamentals just to name a few.

In July 2015, Rob launched P2 Concepts, LLC where he continues to provide training for Law Enforcement, Private Citizens while adding Military and Private Security to his scope of services. His curriculum is based on effective tactics and techniques that are principle-based and focus on proven and practical concepts for real-world situations.