8 Hours - Tac. Pistol: Responding to the Active Killer

8 Hours - Tac. Pistol: Responding to the Active Killer

Instructor: Lou Ann Hamblin

Course Rationale: This class is designed for officers who may not have immediate access to a long gun while responding to an active killer and situations that require precision at greater distances, crowded environments, engaging targets while moving as a sole respondent and with a partner.

Training goals: The training goals for the intended target audience are to:    

  • Reduce liability in deadly force situations through challenging live fire training exercises relative to the environment of the school resource officer designed replicate officer's work environment absent a shoulder mounted weapon.
  • Improve officer’s handgun skills with a challenging and safe training environment that allows them to explore their current abilities and to provide opportunities to improve performance.


At the end of this class participants will:

  • Explore various target systems that simulate shooting in crowded environments
  • Compare and contrast cover shooting and moving techniques
  • Participate in shooting while combining speed and accuracy using a shot timer
  • Discuss issues regarding active killer environments and applying deadly force
  • Demonstrate proper techniques for shooting multiple threat targets
  • Evaluate drills as they relate to the course objectives


  • Full duty gear
  • Body armor
  • Brimmed hat, ear protection, and wrap around shatter resistant eye protection
  • Water or a hydration system and simple form of carbohydrate
  • Proper dress for weather conditions
  • 400 rounds of pistol ammunition.


About LouKa Tactical: We have proudly served the public safety profession since 1999 and have access to some of the finest instructors and resources in the United States. Each instructor brings diversity and a high level of professionalism. Together, our depth and synergy are unmatched. Not only are we the largest company of its kind in the Nation, we are considered to be the best by the industry in which we serve; training for specialty units.

Lou Ann Hamblin proudly served the law enforcement profession for 22 years before retiring. Lou Ann has had many roles during her law enforcement career to include uniform patrol, bike patrol, training, undercover narcotics and prostitution operations, and a temporary assignment with a DEA Task Force. Lou Ann specializes in training female officers and has trained over 4000 in pistol alone over the last 25 years. She is a certified firearms and defensive tactics instructor in a variety of disciplines. She is a Team One Network adjunct instructor and an H&K Master Pistol Instructor. Lou Ann has instructed internationally in the areas of instructor development, specialty units and officer survival to include presentations at: ILEETA, IPMBA, IALEFI, Rocky Mountain Women in Law Enforcement and the International Association of Women Police (IAWP), National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) conferences. Lou Ann also serves on the Board of Directors for IALEFI and was named ILEETA's "Iron Cop" for the 2009 conference. She was also selected to speak at the inaugural "Emerson Hour" at the 2013 ILEETA conference. She holds a master's degree in Human Performance Technology and Instructional Design from the University of Michigan and in 2015 she was named “Alumnus of the Year” from the University of Michigan’s School of Education for her service to public safety in training and performance.

Lou Ann authored the "Firearms Training" chapter in IPMBA's Complete Guide to Public Safety Cycling 2nd edition and has authored many articles in Law and Order, Police Marksman, IALEFI's "Firearms Instructor" and the IPMBA Newsletter. She currently serves on advisory boards for PoliceOne.com, Redman, and is a former consultant and presenter with Calibre Press Women's Street Survival Seminars. Lou Ann is recognized nationally as a subject matter expert in training female officers and creator of the renowned "Building Warrior Women" training events. Lou Ann also began designing and delivering firearms and tactics training for SROs in 2005. Lou Ann served as a part-time faculty member with the Washtenaw Community College Police Academy specializing in physical skills and proctored the MCOLES physical agility pre-test. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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