8 Hours - Def-Tec Chemical Agent Munition Instructor Course

8 Hours - Def-Tec Chemical Agent Munition Instructor Course

Instructor: Dave Standen

Course Description:
Instructor level lecture and practical exercise including qualification courses and contamination exercises. Student will receive an Instructor certification after successful completion of the course. The course will include is but not limited to: Introduction to Chemical Munitions Types and Forms of Chemical Agents Technological Advancements in Pyrotechnics, Blast, and Aerosol Munitions Escalation of Chemical Deployment Crowd Control Principles/Outdoor Considerations Barricade Subject/Space Denial Powder OC/CN/CS Hands-on Training with Tactical Deployment with Hand-Held Grenades, and 37mm and 40mm Launchers Techniques and Tactical Considerations Decontamination/First Aid Protective Masks Criminal and Civil Liabilities Sample Policy and Procedures Instructor Development Contamination Exercises.


  • Eye and ear protection
  • Gloves
  • Body armor and duty gear normally utilized when deploying less lethal munitions.
  • Department 37mm Single (Smooth Bore) Launcher or 37 Multi Launcher, AND 1- 40mm Multi or 40 MM Single Launcher
  • 12 gauge Shotgun. Cylinder Bore and clearly marked for use with Less Lethal.


Dave Standen was a police officer for thirty-six years. As a retired officer with the Springfield (MA) Police Department he has worked patrol, with the DEA Task Force and as the Senior Staff Instructor for Recruit Training and primary Defensive Tactics Instructor. For fifteen years, Standen was the Defensive Coordinator and Master Instructor for the Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC). The MPTC is the State agency responsible for Police Training and Standards for all municipal Police Departments in MA. In this position, he wrote the State’s Defensive Tactics Program and Use of Force Program. He has certified and re-certified hundreds of instructors in Defensive Tactics, Pepper Spray, Baton and Use of Force. Dave has been a Defensive Tactics Instructor for 36 years and has trained thousands of Police, Corrections, and Military and Civilian personnel in a number of areas; including all aspects of Defensive Tactics, Use of Force, Firearms, Patrol Procedures and Physical Fitness. He is certified in numerous disciplines relating to Defensive Tactics, Use of Force and Firearms and has been a frequent presenter at ASLET, ILEETA and Monadnock Seminars. Standen is also the founder and master instructor of COP Tactics Police Fighting Systems. He has trained officers across the country in systems that focus on “making the arrest”. He has written the COP Tactics Pepper Spray Arrest Tactics Instructor Manual and is the co-author of two books entitled Vehicle Stops: Safety Strategies and Tactical Procedures and Terry Stops: Safety Strategies and Tactical Procedures. He is proud to serve as an International (Master) Instructor and Advisory Board member for the Monadnock Training Council. In December, he was hired as the full-time Senior Instructor for Safariland with the responsibility of overseeing the Monadnock programs.

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