8 Hours - Back in the Fight - Rifle/Pistol Operator Transition Course

8 Hours - Back in the Fight - Rifle/Pistol Operator Transition Course

Instructor: Nick Gushen & Company K

The Company K Back in the Fight Rifle/Pistol Operator Transition Course will focus on the individual operator and their ability to utilize both weapon systems as one fluid element. The course will push individuals to efficiently and quickly identify weapon system stoppages using methods significantly faster and more efficient than the normal immediate and remedial action methods. Individuals will problem solve given situations pertaining to addressing a rifle stoppage given time, space and distance versus immediately transitioning to a secondary weapon system and addressing the immediate threat. This course will focus on the fundamentals of shooting while pushing the individual operator to shoot, move and communicate, while problem solving and addressing various threats in various shooting positions and situations in a dynamic environment.


  • Rifle with at least 3 mags and sling
  • Pistol with at least 3 mags
  • Full Kit Setup- Kit will be worn on range as kit setup is part of tactical operations
  • 600 rounds rifle (300 minimum)
  • 300 rounds pistol (150 minimum)
  • Eye pro
  • Ear pro
  • Water


  1. Nick Gushen is a retired US Army Special Forces soldier. Nick spent time on a military free-fall team and in the Special Forces Commander's In-Extremis Force/Crisis Response Force with experience in combat roles and advisory roles throughout the Middle East. Nick has been teaching firearms and tactics for the last 12 years to military personnel both foreign and domestic, and law enforcement agencies at the local, State and Federal level. Nick is the primary trainer of a Michigan Sheriff Office SWAT element in both weapons and tactics. Nick is a primary instructor for the local Michigan company, Company K.

  2. Chris Louis has 15 years of military, private and commercial security experience resulting in expert knowledge of counterterrorism, intelligence collection, training, and close personal and asset protection. Chris served in the United States Marine Corps for five years, followed by 10 years as a global security specialist providing front line protection internationally for a US Intelligence Agency. Chris has been teaching fire arms and tactics for the last 12 years. Chris is a primary instructor for Company K.

  3. Shawn Menard retired as a Heavy Weapons Company First Sergeant after 28 years of service, participated in the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and served in Afghanistan in 2009 as a Senior Infantry Adviser to the Afghan National Army and in 2012 as a Sniper Team Leader. He has trained over 9000 soldiers in basic infantry tasks prior to deployment and taught over 10,000 soldiers how to shoot (pistol, carbine/rifle, medium to heavy machineguns) with a 99.9 % success rate as gauged by qualification scores. Shawn served as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of a Small Arms Readiness Training Section from 2013 until 2019, producing multiple national and international champion sniper teams and machine gun teams. Graduate of US Army Sniper School, Small Arms Master Gunner School, Close Quarters Marksmanship Instructor School, as well as nationally recognized Police Sniper and Designated Marksman courses. His awards include the Combat Infantry Badge, 2 Bronze Stars, and the Michigan Medal for Valor. Shawn is the co-owner and training director of Company K.

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Event Date 10-07-2021
Event End Date 10-07-2021
Registration Start Date 07-01-2021
Capacity 20
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Available place 12
Cut off date 09-15-2021
Location Holiday Inn Flint-Grand Blanc Area
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