Dynamic Team Live Fire Drills

8 Hours - Dynamic Team Live Fire Drills – Jason WUESTENBERG


This course focuses on the importance of conducting dynamic team live-fire drills…and how to conduct them safely. Since the inception of force-on-force training, many drills of this caliber have been reserved for force-on-force training for the perception of greater safety. However, this has resulted in unintended consequences and a decline is certain performance aspects. While force-on-force training is an excellent form of training and a vital part of an overall comprehensive training program, virtually every type of task or operation performed in force-on-force should also be conducted and experienced under live-fire conditions. This course will demonstrate how to conduct many of those tasks on a live-fire range. This course will include a variety of 2-man, 3-man, and 4-man team drills, and will culminate with a live-fire down officer/citizen rescue that incorporates live bodies down range.



  • Everything you need for live-fire training,
  • pistol and/or rifle with 3 magazines,
  • 500 rounds of ammo (250 of each if you plan to train with both pistol and rifle).



Jason Wuestenberg is an Airborne and Air Assault qualified veteran of the US Army and began his Law Enforcement career with the Phoenix (AZ) Police Department in 1994.  During his law enforcement career, Jason became a certified firearms instructor and served as an adjunct instructor for recruits and in-service training. In 2000, Jason was selected to the Firearms Training Unit as a full-time firearms instructor...the youngest full-time firearms instructor in the history of the department at that time.  He served as a firearms instructor from 2000-2005 training both recruits and in-service personnel.  Jason provided training in handgun, shotgun, and rifle.  Jason also started a shoot house training program for patrol officers and developed the department's Shoot House Instructor Certification Course.

Jason then served as a full-time tactics instructor from 2005-2007.  Jason instructed in the areas of defensive tactics, impact weapons, Taser, building searches, low light engagements, and officer down rescues.  Jason helped develop and was a lead instructor for, the department's Active Shooter Intervention program and Crisis Entry for Patrol program. Jason retired from Phoenix PD in 2017 as a Sergeant and spent his last 6 years running the department's patrol rifle program.

Jason is a certified firearms instructor in all weapon disciplines (revolver, pistol, shotgun, carbine/rifle, select-fire, and precision rifle).  He is a certified Shoot House Instructor as well as a certified Force-on-Force / Reality Based Training (RBT) Instructor and has conducted extensive shoot house and RBT training with both his department and his private training company. Jason is a graduate of the Force Science Institute Certification Course and was a firearms Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Arizona Peace Officer Standards & Training (AZ POST) qualified to train and certify officers as firearms instructors.

Jason has obtained 25+ law enforcement instructor certifications over his career and has accrued over 2,500+ hours of training above and beyond what his department provided in the areas of firearms, tactics, training, and leadership. Jason also obtained an Associate’s degree in Law Enforcement Technologies, a Bachelor’s degree in Career and Technical Education, and a Master’s degree in Leadership. Jason currently serves as the Executive Director for the National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association (NLEFIA) (https://nlefia.org/) and provides consulting/training through his private company.