Def-Tec Less Lethal Impact Munition Instructor

8 Hours – Def-Tec Less Lethal Impact Munition Instructor Course – Safariland Training Group Cadre (23rd May ONLY)

Instructor level lecture and practical exercise including qualification courses. The course will include but not limited to:

  • Introduction to Impact Munitions
  • Weapons and Munitions: 12ga./37mm/40mm
  • Single Projectiles/Multiple Projectiles
  • Operational Considerations – Skip Fire/Direct Fire
  • Crowd Control Considerations (open and contained)
  • Single Target Acquisition/Dynamic Entry Support
  • Physiological/Psychological Effects
  • Incident Case Studies/Liability Consideration
  • Test Data: Blunt Trauma/Ballistics and Energy
  • Development of Policy and Procedures
  • Operational Scenarios/Qualification Course
  • Documenting Training/In-Service Training
  • Instructor Development/Follow-Up Procedures


  • Eye and ear protection,
  • gloves,
  • body armor and duty gear normally utilized when deploying less lethal munitions.
  • Department 37mm Single (Smooth Bore) Launcher or 37 Multi Launcher, AND 1- 40mm Multi or 40 MM Single Launcher
  • 12 gauge Shotgun. Cylinder Bore and clearly marked for use with Less Lethal.


Highly experienced and knowledgeable cadre from the Safariland Training Group