Covert Lockpicking

8 Hours - Covert Lock Picking – OTOA Cadre – Pat CANTLIN and Bill MCCARTHY

This is a one-day, hands-on-intensive training program that focuses on gaining entry by such methods as lock picking and lock bypassing. This course is of benefit to any patrol officers, tactical operators, investigators, probation officers, conservation officers as well as specialized military units. The Covert Lock Picking course teaches specialized methods for gaining entry into a variety of secured structures as well as everyday applications such as padlocked gates, fire safes, desks, file cabinets, strongboxes, and vehicles. The course focuses on practical methods of gaining entry and details techniques on lock picking, lock bypassing and defeating advanced locking technologies such as magnetic door locks, "high-security" locks, and electronic access gates.

Real Life Applications:
*Search & Arrest Warrants
*Welfare Checks
*Tactical Operations
*Probation Checks
*Unsecured Businesses & Residence
*Conservation Checks
*Surveillance Positioning
*Situations Where Suspects "Lost the Key"


  • Note taking material and USB Drive if you want the material
  • Students will be provided with all lock picking material and additional material may be purchased at cost via the Instructor


Our extremely knowledgeable and experienced Brothers from Ohio helping us out. 

Pat is a 14 year veteran of the Lakewood Police Department, currently assigned to Special Operations. Joined WEB SWAT in January of 2009. Assigned full time to the Cleveland Division of the United States Marshals Service Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force since April of 2012.