Changing Low Light Mindset

8 hours – Changing LOWLIGHT mindset – Charles DONALDSON

8 hours HYI mindset course which is designed to show the ability we can utilize by using the latest HYI (high yield illumination) in flashlight technology. Now In our world we have the ability to use light systems not only to see with, but to fight with as a use of force tool.

We will discuss the state of our WORKPLACE which puts US in a state of "reaction - versus action" (will also touch on BOYDS OODA loop).

We will discuss old school using light to see first, identify then decide..

We will show that at the speed of light we can create disorienting concealment,

It's really a mindset issue... Too many instructors are still not teaching this CAPABILITY..

We will teach while using HYI how the eye/body/mind reacts under stress.

We will teach using light as a diversion

We will discuss the different techniques to use a handheld and proper placement on a weapon and why.

We will teach illumination can now be used for not only night ops, but should be used for entry into lit environments..

We will do force on force simulations in the classroom and in hall's to show the power with the proper light system.

Create concealment, disorientation, control, reset OODA all AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT..

I will also talk about the evolution of bad guy, and what happens when THEY FIGURE OUT the power behind light.. gonna be a REAL BAD DAY if our officers are still using flashlights to see with..

I will bring many different lights (different manufacturers) to show what is preferred and why.


  • Notebook-Pen
  • Flashlight/s
  • Xtra batteries
  • Patrol or Tac uniform with gear for room entries
  • Primary weapon, especially ones mounted with Weapon light


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