MTOA Membership


NOTE: MTOA membership is restricted to Law Enforcement Officers, Active Duty and Retired. Special consideration given to members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

To apply for MTOA membership, lick on the verification form below, print it out for each member that's joining MTOA, attach a photocopy of your credentials, and mail to the address listed on the bottom of the form.

Annual dues are only $30.00 per individual or $150.00 for a Team membership (unlimited team members), and $1000.00 for a Corporate membership. Payment options are listed below. We now exclusively take Paypal.

You don't have to have a Paypal account to pay this way, it takes credit card and check payments, whether you have an account or not!

MTOA Membership Application Credential Verification Form

Individual Membership: $30.00

Team Membership: $150.00 This membership is good for unlimited team members.

Corporate Membership: $1000.00 This membership is available to businesses that provide products for the Tactical field. This type of membership does not carry voting privileges.