Semi-Automatic Pistol & Basic AR Platform Rifle Instructor

At the completion of this training, the students will be versed in the following subjects allowing them to instruct their department’s personnel safely and successfully in the use of department-issued, semi-automatic firearms and AR platform rifle systems. Safety Liabilities issues Operating a safe range Zeroing iron-sighted weapons Fundamental marksmanship Various firing positions Decision making Multiple target engagements Shooting and moving Transitioning and Malfunctions Terminal Ballistics Weapon operations under stress Use of cover and concealment Low light threat I.D. & engagement Tactical movement Instructional techniques Student evaluation.

Necessary Equipment:

Rifle (w/ light), rifle sling (mandatory), duty handgun, duty rig with holster and magazine pouches, 3 handgun magazines (4 if using single stack .45 magazines), 3 rifle magazines, (4 if issued 20 round capacity), common patrol or tactical equipment, including vest (w/ plates, helmet), knee and elbow pads, suitable clothing for all weather conditions, handheld flashlight, wrap-around eye protection (clear lenses for low light operation), ear protection, gloves, snacks, water, sunblock, and insect repellent.