Basic Entry and Building Search

This one-day course is designed to provide participants with the general knowledge and tactics to prepare students for threshold, dynamic, covert, and single operator room entry necessary for patrol-oriented building searching.  The course focuses mainly on time-proven techniques and tactics plus an overview of organizational structure and necessary protocols.  Basic Entry and Building Search is additionally complimented with information regarding small team assault planning, practical breach points and breaching, and follow-on arrest procedures.      

 Major Topics to be covered include:

  1. Safety                                           
  2. Threshold Clearing
  3. Breaching                                       
  4. Arrest Procedures
  5. Organization                                  
  6. Assault Planning
  7. Dynamic/ Covert Entry                               
  8. Room Manipulation 

Duration:  1 Day(s)/ 8 Hours

Ammunition Needed:  25 rounds Simunition

Equipment Needed:   

Common patrol equipment, including personal body armor (required), Simunition weapon, primary entry rifle, rifle sling (required), secondary weapon, duty belt with holster, magazine pouch and handcuff case (patrol), paddle/ concealment holster, magazine pouch and handcuff case (detective/ administrator), suitable clothing for all weather conditions and wrap around eye protection (clear lenses for low light operation).