Noise Flash Distractionary Device Instructor

8 Hours – Noise Flash Distractionary Device Instructor – CTS Master Instructor (24th ONLY)

This 8-hour Instructor course is designed for those officers with a desire to develop their operational and Instructor skills on NFFD (Flashbang’s). The course will assist Instructors with the integration of less lethal options into their current tactical methods.

The course includes classroom and range exercises. Information provided, will include a history of the NFFD, nomenclature of the NFFD, use of force considerations, different applications for the product, training examples, and legal implications.

Demonstration and Range drills will be conducted under the supervision of the CTS Master Instructor, the students will have the responsibility to attend both classroom and range activity for the Flashbang Instructor course


  • Eye Protection
  • Gloves
  • Hearing Protection


The Phil Shingleton – CTS Master Instructor (