Combined Tac Med/Active Shooter Class

8 Hours Combined Tac Med/Active Shooter Class – Brandon Brown et al.

AN UPDATED COURSE DESCRIPTION WILL FOLLOW - This course is designed to intro the front line officer or operator into the world of Tactical Combat or Emergency Casualty Care (TCCC or TECC), while putting it into a context of an Active Shooter/Killer environment. The medical portion of this class will be taught by an experienced trauma nurse and the tactical application side will be taught by LE and Military SpecOps personnel. You do not have to be a medic to take this class; the only requirement is to have a desire to save the life of your team-mate or innocent people.


  • No live fire during the course
  • Normal uniform and gear


Former Navy Veteran and SWAT Team Leader

Former US Army Special Forces Veteran – 18D

Trauma Nurse