2018 Class Descriptions

1 Day (8 Hour Courses)

Ambidextrous Carbine Course - SGM (Ret’d) Dan Brokos

Ballistic Breaching Operator - Phil Shingleton (23rd May ONLY)

Combat Focus Shooting - Rob Pincus

Combat Thinking for Law Enforcement - Chuck Dahlinger (23rd May ONLY)

Combined Tac Med/Active Shooter Class - Brandon BROWN et al

Covert Lockpicking - Pat Cantlin and Bill McCarthy (OTOA)

CQB High-Speed Combative Pistol - Brian Hoffner

Dynamic Team Live Fire Drills - Jason Wuestenberg

Glock Pistol Armorer - Lynn Freshley

8 Hours – High Risk Warrant Execution for Team Leaders and Supervisors– M.L. Sandy WALL (23rd May ONLY)

In-Extremis Close Quarters Handgun - Wes Doss, PhD

M4 Operator & Transitional Shooter - Jeff Wilson

Noise Flash Distractionary Device Instructor - Phil Shingleton (24th May ONLY)

Pistol Marksmanship for Life - Dave Borresen

Sniper Workshop Derrick Bartlett (24th May ONLY)

Subject Control - Amir Khillah (24th May ONLY)

Tactical Team Leader Development - M.L. Sandy Wall (24th May ONLY)

Tactical Vision - Derrick Bartlett (23rd May ONLY)

Vehicle Close Quarters Battle - Brian Wilson

Warriors Carry Sheilds - Mike OTT

2 Day (16 Hour Courses)

Advanced Tactical Rifle Course - RJ Phelps

AR Armorer Certification – DoubleStar Pro Staff

Armored Vehicle Operations - Kurt Delia

Low Light Concepts - Robbie Allmon

Sig Sauer Pistol Armorer Certification – Sig Sauer Academy Cadre

Simunition Instructor & Safety Certification Course - Mike Chin

Team Leader/SWAT Command Leadership – A.J. DeAndrea